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Resume Screening
Reference Audits
Compensation Surveys

“Terry and her team have been a tremendous partner in helping us to bring new and effective talent into our organization.  They do a superior job of identifying key candidates and have saved us considerable time and money by bringing great efficiency to our recruitment process.  They are easy to work with, and open to critical feedback.  I would highly recommend Terry and her group.”
--Chris Speyer, CEO, Accell Group North America

Full Executive Search
We drive the executive search process from start to conclusion, as your recruiting partner and an extension of your company. Our process includes:
- Meeting with key people in your organization to get a thorough briefing on the position and to become familiar with your company and your culture.
- Preparing a Position Description to be used in contacting prospective candidates.
- Researching and identifying potential candidates using our extensive proprietary database, the newest available business indices and other active recruiting methods.
- Contacting each candidate to determine appropriateness, interest, availability and fit.
- Interviewing the most promising candidates.
- Preparing a comprehensive written evaluation of each candidate.
- Arranging interviews for you and your team with the candidates you select.
- Performing thorough due diligence or reference audits on the candidate(s) with whom you wish to move forward, including contacting secondary references.
- Assisting in compensation negotiations to ensure that the selected candidate is successfully brought on board.

Candidate Development
Perhaps you have an open position and one or two candidates have been referred to you by a trusted source. They look viable, seem to have the right background, but you would like an outside opinion from a professional recruiter. We can take your candidate or candidates through our evaluation process and provide our findings to you. This would include caliber of candidate, strengths, weaknesses, and fit for the position.

"Terry and her team were great to work with. They were on top of things, represented the search with professionalism and care for our brand and the candidates and ultimately were very successful in proving a wide range of candidates to choose from. I would highly recommend them and use them for future searches."
--Greg Pappas, Chief People Officer, Specialized Bicycles

You have advertised for an open position and received hundreds of resumes - and you don't have the time to spend pre-qualifying the most appropriate looking candidates before inviting them for interviews. Send your best ten or twenty (or any number) resumes to us, and, as your advocate and an extension of your company, we will telephone each candidate, interview them with the particular position specifications in mind, and provide you an interview report for each. The report includes a discussion of the candidate's job history, career path, prior responsibilities, recent compensation, as well as our professional opinion on how good the fit is for your position.

Resume Screening
You have hundreds of resumes on your desk, and they have been there for weeks. You've reviewed a few of them, but interruptions stopped you in your tracks. Your position remains open, and there has been little or no progress because you simply don't have time to review all these resumes and sift down to the best ones. Send them all to us, and we will do it for you! We review hundreds of resumes every day, and can quickly and skillfully narrow these down to the most appropriate for your particular position.

Reference Audits
Our Reference Audit product is outstanding insurance for you when, after you have found a candidate who appears to be a good fit, you would like to dig a little deeper. With very little investment on your part, we can get the full picture for you by contacting not only the candidate's own references, but also secondary references (whom we may even know personally as a result of our many years in the industry). We will find out what kind of performance you can expect from this candidate, and pinpoint his or her particular strengths and weaknesses.

Compensation Surveys
Want to know the latest trends in compensation for a VP Marketing or Group GM in a company of your type and size in your geographic area? We will give you trends, as well as actual facts and figures from recently hired positions similar to yours.
Our calculated efforts are focused on presenting you with candidates who are solid fits and top performers before you use your valuable time in lengthy interviews. Our goal is to make our clients more successful, and our guarantee is that you will be presented with proven performers who fit your position requirements.
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